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Frequently Asked Questions...

Making bioresonance examination, may be exposed to any danger?

The test is very safe. No need jab introduction organ in the body, or something similar. Only hold in your hands the electrodes. The electrical current that runs through the body is minimal, of the order of thousandths of amps and causes no problems whatsoever.

Can I combine the bioresonance with traditional medicine?

Generally yes. This, however, depends on the condition and the particular treatment. So while for eczema classical medical prefers cortisone, using the bioresonance we can choose the appropriate homeopathic preparations and to avoid the use of cortisone, which is desirable, especially in children, adolescents and young people.

Should I stop my medication?

This is evaluated in each case. In general, the successful treatment of holistic medicine medication decreases gradually and very pleasant, and thankfully not rare, cases completely discontinued. This depends on the course of the patient's condition and frequently evaluated.

What I feel during treatment?

Application of bioresonance, both diagnostic issues and treatment is completely painless. Most patients do not feel anything but relaxed. Some feel heat or the flow of healing energy in the body.

Are there side effects?

The method bioresonance has no side effects, that can cause the appearance of symptoms or disorders not existed. The implementation of specific medical problem can not create side effects on other organ or system of the body. It is possible, however, to have an initial worsening of symptoms (applicable to cases of chronic pain, chronic allergies, chronic blockages in energy centers), since the point after receiving treatment activated, which is marked only in the first 24 hours after treatment . If therefore noted that the worsening symptoms will keep a few hours to 2-3 days. Still, it is likely due to increased elimination of toxins from the body, which is enhanced by the treatment, appears thirst, frequent urination, sweating, diarrhea, headache. This applies especially for the smoking cessation program. As the organization grows stronger, symptoms may occur in other areas, eg feel the patient heat or in places that once had a problem. This is because the body is now ready to handle these issues and neutralize them.

What to expect from the therapy?

Depending on the case, you may feel an immediate improvement in your symptoms or an initial deterioration. Generally, the body retains the therapeutic signals received for the next 7 to 10 days after treatment, which means that during this interval is processed and gradually occurs therapeutic change. Thus, some people feel better after the first application, others after the second or third. Others feel relief immediately after treatment, others the first or second day after treatment, others the fifth day. It is also possible, especially in chronic pain cases, be an initial increase in discomfort due to the activation of tissue. The same applies in cases of atopic dermatitis, urticaria, or even psychological problems if they are chronic in nature. This initial deterioration, if it occurs, is made during the first 24 hours after treatment, before starting to gradually improve. There is also the possibility to feel thirst, so be there and frequent urination or even have diarrhea. This is because the bioresonance therapy enhances the process of elimination of toxins from the body.

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