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Offers - Μay 2020

1) Get the complete therapeutic triad of the Base DeVita AP + DeVita RITM + DeVita mini ENERGY handheld device in a code of € 1,100. Virtually you get virtually free mini energy.

2) The Base DeVita Ap and DeVita Ritm set can be purchased at the preferential price of 850 euros (21% discount) !!!

We remind you that the normal price of both products is a total of € 1080, you have a profit of 230 euros (cost per device € 425) through this offer!

3) Anyone who supplies the DeVita Apit DeVita Ritm (a code of 1080 euros) will receive the valuable DeInfo frequency library worth 250 euros!

4) The unique DeVita COSMO at an incredible price, only 495 euros (21% off). We remind you that the normal price of the handset is 630 euros, you have a profit of 135 euros through this offer.

5) In addition, there is another variation of the Delixir Optimal packs offering that you can get 16 juices in equally distributed products (4 each) at the price of 12 !!! It's like winning the 4th prize for every 3 products from all over the series!

Finally, we remind you of the recirculation of the UDT health care professional, at the price of 850 euros, as well as DeVita Pharma at a price of 2,250 euros.

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