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Bioresonance as a method of diagnosis


All the living organisms and all the inanimate objects have their own frequencies and the ability to send and receive electromagnetic signals.

Based on this principle, all microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, protozoa, helminths), and all health problems have their own electromagnetic frequency.

This frequency can be perceived by a device which is connected to the body of the patient.

The device can scan successfully all the causes of health problems with 98% accuracy.

Something that is difficult to be achieved with the other diagnostic methods, as they usually record the symptoms and do not recognize and address the causes of the disease.

Advantages of the Bioresonance detection

• It has a very high precision.

• Offers a highly personalized picture of the organization’s state of health, taking into account the main causes of the problem.

• It is painless and harmless.

• Only one session can reveal all health issues, and this way you can save time and money.

• It can show if the body has been exposed to toxic or other charges.

• Provides an overview of the whole body and determines the degree of the damage and the disorder of the organs. These disorders are discovered early and this fact contributes to prevention.

• Allows the identification of parasites and organisms, even of those which can’t be diagnosed by any other method.